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Terri Elizabeth Harris

Terri Elizabeth Harris

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06/04/13 08:02 PM #1    

Pamela Randle (Barker)

I believe Terry died in 1972, our Junior year if HS.

06/05/13 03:39 PM #2    

Bob Sukovich

Ty Katibah would know the details. He was very close to Terri. Terrible tragedy and at such a young age. It makes one wonder why not us.

It reminds me of the dialogue from the movie Blade Runner where the replicant realizes he is approaching the end  of his life and (this was an improvisation by Rutger Hauer who is one of my favorite actors, along with Val, I'm your huckleberry, Kilmer) reflects:

"All those... moments... will be lost in time, like [coughs] tears... in... rain. Time... to die..."

I hope I can approach my end with such eloquence. Alas, I suspect that I will select the Kevorkian device if it's an option.

06/05/13 06:58 PM #3    

Peggy Latimer (Aldrich)

Yes.  Terri died in 1972 from cancer.  I attended her funeral mass, but ended up leaving early.  It was just too much for me, so soon after my father's passing.  She was beautiful!  Much too young to die, but oh how wonderful that she was set free from all the pain.  I've thought of her often through the years, wondering if she was watching us as we grew up, had our own families, travelled this road.  I like to think she was, and that she will be standing there to greet us as we, too, are set free from the bonds of this life and wing our way home.

06/06/13 07:52 AM #4    

June Gayle Perry

Terri was so bubbly and full of life.... I remember being in the pediatrician's office for physicals along with Terri and some other classmates.  It was so funny to see all these teen-aged girls in the office for the same thing.  We all got a clean bill of health.  All except Terri.  When I head she had cancer I was in shock.  How could this happen to someone as "bubbly" and energetic as Terri????  God bless her!

06/12/13 10:52 PM #5    

Jim O'Hara

I can remember riding motorcycles with my friend Jeff Hellstrom one day and seeing the hearse in front of their house. We knew then that Terry had passed on. She was a sweet heart that everyone just loved.

06/19/13 07:25 PM #6    

Susan Poland (Huffman Jenness)

Terri was born December 17, 1955 and died May 22, 1972.  I was recently at her mother's viewing and visited Terri's grave.  It's amazing how much emotion still comes up after 41 years.  I know she was there to greet her mother and waited a long time to be reunited. I'm happy she has some company.  She was my best friend and I still think about her often. I have so many fun and funny memories of her.   Wish she could be with us next weekend at the reunion.  Rest in peace my dear sweet friend.  You will never be forgotten.

06/21/13 03:05 PM #7    

Esse Asker

Terri's passing was way too young and I remember it like it was yesterday. Why does this happen to someone so young? It just doesnt seem right. When I look at the list of our classmates who have passed on it reminds me just how precious life it and to enjoy everyday of your life.

I recently ran into her brother in the Springfield area in Jax. He is involved with helping jobless and homeless people get into affordable housing. Great guy!

03/29/21 11:47 AM #8    

Randy Berinhout

I was Junior Class President at the time and Emcee of the Miss Terry Parker Beauty Pageant and I remember that Terri performed in a wheel chair and it was very moving.  She was very brave.  Terri was a beautiful young lady, full of life and she left us much too soon.  May she rest in peace.

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